About Tekrebel Designs

Tekrebel Designs was first created in September 1999. Since its creation the studio has designed, coded, webmastered, optimized, and promoted over 200 websites and has landed more than 100 billion documented and cumulative hits. In 2005 Tekrebel Designs was incorporated and the parent company Tekrebel Diversified was created.

We have won dozens of design and web awards including the Golden Web Award presented by the IAWMD (International Association of Web Masters and Designers) in 2002 and 2003. Not only does Tekrebel Diversified specialize in web design and web development, but they also have a mastery of graphic design, print and web marketing, social media marketing and integration, search engine optimization, information technology, and a plethora of other technologically related fields. Our viral marketing continues to innovate on generating buzz on the internet in new and creative ways.

We have outlived many of our competitors and a plethora of niche markets. And although we might not always be the most innovative studio in the current market, we have consistently managed to grow and evolve as the industry does for the last 20 years. We continue to design our future, and everything beyond.

About Tekrebel

Any businessman will tell you they’re passionate about their business, but how many are willing to tattoo their business on their body? I have the word Tekrebel tattooed on my forearm since 2008. I constantly wear my dress shirts with my sleeves rolled up when meeting new clients to show that I am 100% dedicated to my profession. This isn’t a job for me, it’s my life.

I live my life by certain set of principles. It’s quite simple: You pay me, and I do the work. You know when people say “I know a guy?” I am the guy they know.