20w x 20h
Oil on Canvas
March 2011

Marie Digby is an artist famous for covering other artist. So what better way to pay homage to this talented artist than to cover her album cover? For the longest time I’ve had a little crush on Marie Digby. I found out that she was going to do a small concert in West Covina. I bought tickets, front rows of course, but I also wanted to do something that would grab her attention. I had roughly 2 weeks to complete this oil painting and I totally forgot to calculate the drying time. By the time it was time for her concert, there was not safe way to transport it without ruining it. So I did show her a picture on my phone.


This is my first attempt of incorporating a human body into my art using oils. Although there isn’t much detail as the figure is small, I feel that I’ve succeeded in capturing the human essence.